So Here’s the Deal…

The past couple of weeks have been a little rough. A lot of this was due to small things: a burst pipe, car problems, getting stranded in a strange town due to a public transit snafu, being overcharged for a hotel room, and so on. But there was a big thing, too. My grandma had a fall, had to be taken to the hospital, and treated for a fracture in her back.

Then they discovered that she needed a pacemaker. Then she picked up an infection — and infections occurring in hospitals are no fucking joke. But, fortunately, she seems to be out of the woods, and has been moved to a convalescent hospital to start the long process of building her strength back up again. However, due to her increasingly severe dementia, she’ll need to go to a long term care facility, and my mom and uncle are dealing with that process, which is proving to be a terrible strain.

Though I am not directly responsible for shepherding this process, I have not been in a good place, as you can imagine. If you’ve been reading the site in the last couple of weeks, you could probably tell.

I feel pretty bad about that. But I will endeavor to restore normal operation from this point forward. We all could use a break from the bleak, I think.

What We Share

I am a great believer in the diversity of human experience. I think we all see the world in our own unique ways, and that every person is distinct. The human family is vast and varied.

However, I also believe that every person that is part of a culture in which toilet rolls are available, has at least once in their life used a “karate chop” to separate a length of paper from the rest of the roll. Sometimes without knowing it, and sometimes being so aware of what they’re doing, they might even let out a little “hi-ya!” when they think no one is listening.

I don’t have any proof of this, of course, but it feels right.

Spill the Wine — It Might Have Arsenic?

“Dozens of bottles of low-priced California wines sold under such labels as Franzia, Mogen David and Almaden contain dangerously high levels of arsenic, according to a lawsuit filed by four California residents.” From: Lawsuit: Dangerous arsenic levels found in California wine – SFGate.

But… it’s actually not as clear-cut as the suit makes it out to be, maybe? I don’t know, but I’m slightly worried. I don’t drink a ton of wine but when I do, it’s definitely cheap.

This Could Save the US Postal Service

You can now anonymously send a “bag of dicks” to your enemies (or your friends?) – (NSFW)

Crude, yes — but it’s sure to get the point across. Now they just need to mix this product with the whole glitter thing. Send your enemies a bag of dicks. Sparkly, glittery dicks.

Also, to answer the headline’s question: I wouldn’t recommend sending them to your friends. I have found that people are incredibly picky when it comes to dildos.


Good Luck, but I’ll Never See This Movie

“Everyone who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s falls into one of three categories: Those who think the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark books are the most terrifying collection of words and pictures ever put to paper, those who have never suffered through Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, and those who are filthy liars.” From: Get involved, Internet: Help fund a documentary about Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark · The A.V. Club.

Nah, I might see it. I’m old now, and scary kids’ books don’t really freak me out like they used to. Oh, but fuck Rats of NIMH, I saw it once when I was eight, and I’m never going to watch it again.