Doctor disliked

The PA Report – The latest season of Doctor Who has been terrible, and there is one person to blame: Clara.

Um, ouch? I’d be the first to admit that this past season (or ‘series’, if you’re British) has not been my favorite, and yeah, Clara’s character is problematic, but I don’t know if I’d go with terrible.

I do think the problem is that Moffat wants Clara to be a fascinating enigma, where wild viewer speculation is meant to occupy some of the blanks, but he’s overshot the mark; the blanks are too wide. But as run-arounds and romps go, this last season has been entertaining, at least to me.

Or maybe I’ve just seen too much Doctor Who. “Well, this episode wasn’t great, but at least it’s not “Creature From the Pit” bad.” Doctor Who has to work pretty hard to disappoint me.

Meanwhile, Andrew Groen seems like a Newfan, so maybe he’s not aware of one of the grand traditions (and privledges) of being a Doctor Who fan: To be an avid follower, while simultaneously decrying the latest season as the worst one ever. (“WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE MAGIC OF DOCTOR WHO!”)

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