Oh Mylanta

Tennis player Donald Young gets penalized for yelling “son of a biscuit!” {From SBNation.com.} {Via The Morning News}

Tennis is the most dignified of pastimes, what with the tiny shorts and the grunting and whatnot. Heaven forfend that the spectators should be forced to endure the word “b_____t” during a match.

Then again, maybe such outbursts should be punished: According to one authority, nothing is worse than clean filth.

On the other hand, no — of course it shouldn’t.

3DS: Streetpass Mii Plaza error code 009-2913 (system-update data not found)

No, I haven’t gone bananas, nor has this blog been taken over by a bot — the crazy title is there so that other people might find this post if they happen to run into the same issue that I did on my 3ds. Because after I got that error in the title, I looked all over the Internet and couldn’t find any advice for it that would work for me.

Do you want to know why I couldn’t find any help? Why there wasn’t a single article or forum post that could fix my problem?

Well, it’s because (as far as I can tell) I am the only person who did a system transfer and then forgot to take the SD card out of the old system and stick it into the new one, and then tried to launch the Mii Plaza.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am an idiot. But at least I am on the cutting-edge frontier when it comes to finding new ways to be that idiot!

Oh wait no, that’s not a thing to be proud of. That’s a bad thing.

(In my defense though, according to Nintendo’s support site that numerical error code up there indicates an Internet connectivity issue, which this wasn’t. In my offense though, I’m still the one who screwed up.)


You know what? Writing’s not so hard!

Sorry, I’ve just always wanted to say that. I get the urge to say inappropriate things sometimes.

Seriously though, I find writing immensely difficult. Sometimes. Other times it’s really, really easy. A lot of it depends on whether or not I’ve got a foothold. I’m not sure what terms professional writers use for this phenomenon — the closest thing I can think of is what TV writers often describe as “breaking” a story.

It’s basically the moment when the route becomes clear. “I want to talk about this thing, but I don’t know how to do it — where do I start? Where am I going? Oh wait, I just had an idea, I know how to handle this now.”

The problem is that I don’t know how to reliably find a foothold every time. Some writers seem to do it almost at-will, but that’s never been me. I have to wait for an epiphany. Footholds attack me when I least expect them, but they don’t really show up that often.

This is why I could never work professionally, and why I so rarely post anything to my blog. Even the short posts, often just links to other people’s stuff, don’t get written unless I can think up a joke or “wacky” angle from which to approach them.

I guess that’s why so many writing exercises insist that you write a set amount of words whether you have an idea or whether you feel like writing (hey, guess where this piece that you’re reading right now came from). Maybe, given the challenge of looking for an endless series of random footholds day after day, your brain starts to get better at finding them.  I hope that’s the case anyway.

The Social Lives of Imaginary Trees and Mountains

“What is the probability, given that Ross painted a happy tree, that he then painted a friend for that tree?” (93%) | The Hairpin.

I am not ashamed of the fact that I like Bob Ross. I used to watch his show all the time, back when the local PBS station had it scheduled for early Saturday morning. It was relaxing.

But also, it was one of the few overt examples of an artist who cared deeply about the imaginary worlds that he created. I mean yes, you would occasionally read an interview from an author who spoke about her characters with concern and even affection, but every week Ross would demonstrate that, even though the scenes he was painting weren’t “real” he nevertheless felt responsible for the imagined well-being of their inhabitants.

Some people may find this sort of thing cloying or creepy, and I’m not saying that they’re wrong to have those feelings, but I’ve never shared them. At least in his case he enjoyed making his creations happy, whereas other artists seem to take a monumental amount of sadistic pleasure from cutting their characters’ guts out.

Like Most Naked-Eye Astronomical Events, I Expect This to Be Disappointing

The Best Way To Watch the “Blood Moon” Tonight – Slashdot.

Although you’d expect any advice concerning something called a “Blood Moon” to involve burying yourself in garlic, it turns out this article just suggests the best time for viewing. How dull.

That doesn’t mean I won’t be out in my backyard attempting a pact with some ancient, powerful evil force… but I was probably going to be doing that anyway, so no big whoop.

UPDATE: And, of course, you can watch it online. {Via BoingBoing}