Unpublished Gor Books – Boing Boing.

I don’t think that many mundanes are going to get the jokes (well, joke) in that link, but that’s probably healthy. My impression is that the general public has no clue who John Norman is.

Say what you like about the Gor series (putting it mildly, I’m not a fan), but I believe this to be true: If they turned it into a Showtime or HBO Original series, it would be a huge hit. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, really.

Man Reads James Patterson Novel, Nearly Dies

“As the plane descended toward JFK airport, I came to the conclusion that books like Pop Goes the Weasel are for people who don’t really like to read but love to be able to say they have read, much as fruity cocktails are for people who don’t really like to drink but love to get knee-walking drunk.” {From: The Millions : First Encounter of the Worst Kind: On Reading James Patterson at 32,000 Feet}

Well, he was in a plane at least, which can be slightly dangerous.

Look, I’m not here to defend James Patterson. If it’s true that he makes $90 million a year then he hardly needs me to anyway. In fact, fuck James Patterson. Fuck him right in the ear. Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh, right — I remember now. In spite of that last paragraph, I find that I can’t dislike Patterson (though I’m not a fan of his books). I’m in my mid thirties; I’ve utterly failed to make any headway as a “serious” writer; and I would jump at the chance to be a well-paid hack.

Hell, hardly anybody’s going to remember who we are 200 years from now anyway. And even though the world’s a mess, having lots of money is an incredibly effective way to never actually have to confront that fact.

I suspect this line of reasoning also explains Robert Deniro’s recent career choices.

The Suit

‘Stefanovic, who co-presents Channel Nine’s Today show with Lisa Wilkinson, has been wearing the same blue suit – day in, day out, except for a few trips to the dry cleaner – to make a point about the ways in which his female colleagues are judged. “No one has noticed,” he said. “No one gives a shit.”’ {From: Male TV presenter wears same suit for a year – does anyone notice? | via BoingBoing}

Good on ya, mate. (This all happened in Australia, you see.) Though, sadly, I fully expect some people to try to spin this as evidence that men have it harder than women because nobody cares enough to complain about our failure to visually please others. As opposed to pointing out what a boon it is to not be regularly objectified.

Computer Taught How to Deceive People

Researchers working on artificial intelligence at Queen Mary University of London have taught a computer to create magic tricks.” {Slashdot}

Are we totally and completely sure that this is a good idea? Yes, computers lie to us every day, but for the most part this is accomplished by the evil human beings who are operating those computers. I’m not sure we want machines to be able to think up creative new ways to bamboozle us.